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Shortlist - Album Cover Contest t.A.T.u.
These are the candidates that have been selected for final consideration. The winner of our album cover contest will be chosen from the works presented here.
Posted by t.A.T.u. on 16 October 2010
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Wow that is a big slap in the face for all those people who actually put effort into their work. That moon one with the red square in the middle looks like it took 10 seconds, is very boring and plain and doesn't even have tatu on it and yet it won. The second place was a picture put in black and white with noise or film grain effect added to it. That is two whole button clicks in photoshop. I thought they were judging on artistic abilities here.

I think the winner should have been this one: I am not biased because I don't even know the person who made it but that person had the most original and creative design out of all the ones I have seen.

Who chooses these these winners?
18 Nov 2010 04:34 am
Christina I absolutely agree. That one and a few others were far better than these finalists. The effect the winner used is a texture effect in photoshop, called Craquelure. This is an outrage, as the Ipad goes to an amateur who has no technical skill. I'm betting the winners were chosen by t.A.T.u.'s management, or lack thereof, as they seem to make the most terrible decisions. They probably thought about the CONTROVERSY this would make. "Oooh, look this cover looks like shit, lets make them the winner and cause outrage. It needs to be a winner that people would be shocked at!!" lolol,
18 Nov 2010 12:20 pm
No I dont think it was management . They make bad choices but I don't think they looked at it and picked what you said on purpose. Because they still know that in the long run one of thses covers has to make them money. People won't buy something if it doesn't catch their eye first. And the only eye that will catch is the people who made the winning tracks and the person who made the design.

19 Nov 2010 03:40 am