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Фанаты со всего мира задали свои вопросы Лене Катиной и членам её группы. Прочитав и отобрав наиболее интересные из вопросов, музыканты отвечают на них в видео-интервью.

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I really love this interview. Lena and the guys look really comfortable with each other. There's nothing else I can hope for them than success. Keep it up, guys!
20 апр. 2010 23:45
Is there even stuff about Yulia's band up on the internet?
30 апр. 2010 20:48
Hello guys! l like the band, sound great. Lena l´n not going to tell you that you are very beautiful imagine shall already sick of these comments, it sounds corny, be cause what matters is what we have inside. well do not be mad but you're not perfect, you got a few feet seems tight shoes had used all your life, ha ha. A big kiss for all and especially for who is behind you in the interview, l love the wave. Mua, besosss
01 мая 2010 22:15