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The contest is now closed. We are reviewing submissions. Thank you to all who participated!
The deadline for track submissions has been extended to May 4, 5:00AM Greenwich Time (May 3, 10:00pm Pacific Time; May 4, 9:00AM Moscow Time).

The Challenge:

Remix four tracks from “Waste Management”. Choose one of the following styles for your submissions:
Deep House
Hip Hop

Add your own unique style to the original song elements.

Track stems are available (here, on the right) for you to download, mash, & recreate.

The Prize:
Have your music heard by millions of people around the world, and gain international recognition as a leading remix artist;
Winning mixes will be mastered on a digital compilation and released on several major online music distribution sites, including: iTunes, Rhapsody, Nokia, Amazon, Kroogi, and more TBA.

Deadline for remix submissions: May, 1.

White Robe / Белый плащик
Little People / Человечки
Time of the Moon / Время луны
Don't regret / Не жалей
t.A.T.u. has full rights to digitally distribute this content
Posted by t.A.T.u. on 11 March 2010
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12 Mar 2011 03:39 am
12 Mar 2011 03:39 am

Oh... so the reason why they "may" have delayed it this time was because they couldn't get a contract signature or any communication from one of the bonus wildcard producers, Because this is the first time i have seen Chattanooga Ska Orchestra O_O in the album. That's cool.
Officially It's taken almost year now since the launch of the... Kroogi Remix Contest in 31/03/2010. interesting trivia.
If any of you, the other remixers who won the contest are reading this just wanted to say;

"congrats. we did it... we finally got our piece of cake.
It was fun and annoying at the same time with every single problem in the world happening in that contest as well as after it, but I am glad for one thing and one thing alone which is what i guess made it worthwhile in the end, the fact that we made it on t.A.T.u's last album and that's something that
no one else will have.
Bravo guys and keep with music."
29 Mar 2011 11:12 am