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The show will be broadcast on, an exciting new online virtual venue.

The redhead front woman, who buried her past in a controversial music video for her debut single "Never Forget", will present an almost hour-long set together with her amazing band. Lena will present not only her solo songs and classic t.A.T.u. hits, but also completely new music never heard by anyone before.
During the show one of the songs "Keep on Breathing" will become available for download at Kroogi on pay-what-you-want basis, here:
"We are releasing this song to support Japan children who have been suffering until present moment after earthquake and tsunami. Your dollars and cents can make a difference", - says Lena thanking her fans.

All proceeds will go to Ashinaga - a non-profit organization providing support to underprivileged children in Japan.

You will need a ticket to view the show. Go HERE to get it now! It's free, but you will need to sign up before you can enter the venue. The concert and after-show chat with Lena will be at three different times ( more info ).

Come. We won't start without you!
12 Dec 2011 09:56 pm
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Our "Waste Management Remixes" (WMR) album is ready!

The work on the double album lasted about a year. During that time we launched two contests on Kroogi: Remix Contest and Album Cover Art Contest.

Again, we'd like to thank all our winners, who made WMR's release possible:

Remix Contest:

Waste Management Remixes (Disk 1)
Jamcat Jr. ( jamcat) - "Time of the Moon" and "Little People" remixes
Zo-Ya and Weed ( zedgy) - "Time of the Moon" remix
Twenty Four ( Двадцать четыре) - "Ne Zhalej" remix
johnfaustus ( johnfaustus) - "Time of the Moon" remix
Schecter ( Schecter) - "Don't Regret" Remix" remix
Baraka ( Baraka) - "Time of the Moon" remix

Waste Management Remixes (Disk 2)
Muravski ( muravski) - "Ne Zhalej" remix
Anair ( Anair) - "White Robe" remix
magø ( magø)- "Time of the Moon" remix
Shinigami ( shinigami) - "White Robe" remix
Jorge Miguez ( Jorge Miguez) - "Chelovechki" remix
Adir ( adirsab) - "Don't Regret" remix
Aimoon ( Alexander iMoon) - "Time of the Moon" remix

Cover Art Contest:

1st place, front cover - Yana Panteleeva ( yanaMJ)

2nd palce, back cover - Chrissy Dillhunt ( AFashionableFlaw)

One more time, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

We'd also like to thank Gaudi, Alex Theory ( Alex Theory) and Chattanooga Ska Orchestra ( Chattanooga) for creating the bonus tracks.

All album proceeds, received on Kroogi, will go to the Give Life Foundation ("Podari Zhizn," podarizhizn), which helps children with cancer.

31 Mar 2011 03:11 pm
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Album Cover Contest: here are the winners!

After carefully reviewing our shortlist and working with the finalists to verify copyrights, we have made a decision:

Click here to find out which work came in 1st place and will be featured on the front cover of our upcoming album of remixes!

But we have more good news! Although, the album will mainly be available online, a limited number of CDs will also be released. We've selected one more image as the back cover, which will accompany the CD only. Its author will receive an iPod. Click here to find out who came in 2nd!

We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest for your effort, support and feedback! And, of course, congratulations to those, whose covers were chosen for the release!

15 Nov 2010 08:47 am
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Congratulations to our finalists! The winner of our album cover contest will be selected from the works presented in this folder.
16 Oct 2010 01:04 am
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Our album cover contest is now closed

Thanks to everyone who participated and showed support!!! Stop by on Friday, October 15th to see which works made it to the finals!
11 Oct 2010 11:34 am
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Our Album Cover Contest Ends Soon!

You still have time to submit your work, but you must hurry. You have until this Sunday.

And don't forget to check out this week's Favorites!
09 Oct 2010 01:15 am
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